My College

The My College mobile app allows you to manage your studies, view current courses with details, register for exams, display academic schedules, take a look at financing or scholarships, discover whom you will be sharing your classes with, submit a request with the Study Department* as well as many more functions.

It won't take your tests, but it will help

Key features

  • My timetable and current courses
  • Sign up for exams and access grades
  • Comprehensive academic calendar
  • My document server
  • Search for a person at the university
  • Overview of tuition and financing
  • Summary of granted scholarships
  • Overview of my degree programmes
  • Current assessment of semester work
  • My lecturers and classmates
  • Room details with interactive map
  • Manage my contact centre requests*
  • Print study documents
  • An overview of my study materials
  • Simplified login using biometrics
* what you can look forward to